Chloe Sunhat – Pattern give away.

I am very excited as I have finished my first official crochet pattern for a hat I designed. But before I finalize everything I want to have people test the pattern out to make sure it works, it fits and that the pattern is easy to read.

I am looking for two testers for every size. I think the level would be advance beginner ( will see what the testers think!). It involves reading a written pattern (no graph) and the following stitches: chain (ch), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc) and slip stitch. The smaller sizes can be done in an evening, the adult hats took me two (about 4 hours)

So how can you be involved?

To be involved you need to

1. go to the Dancing Daffodils FaceBook page and like (if you haven't already). Then comment on this post specifying what size you would like to test. If you are not on Facebook (and don't want to sign up), then all you have to do is subscribe to Dancing Daffodils and comment on the post below.

2. You will need 8ply cotton yarn (or cotton/acrylic blend), 4.00mm ( ) and 3.5mm (  – however this is optional and only needed for 2 rows at the brim). You will need 50g of yarn for the preemie to toddle hats, and 100g for the child to adult hat (the large adult hat may need 150g depending on how many meters the ball has)

3. You need to complete the hat within the next 2 weeks and be able to try it on to check for size (so make sure you have someone who can try it on when you specify size!!!).

4. You then need to email me and let me know how it went, and if possible a picture so I can see your wonderful work (full details will be sent in the email)

5. As a thank you will receive a finalized copy of the pattern you tested for free!

sizes options:

Preemie = head circumference – 32cm (12 1/2 inches)

Newborn = head circumference – 35cm (13 1/2 inches)

3-6months = head circumference – 40cm (15 1/2 inches)

6-12months = head circumference – 44cm (17 inches)

Toddler = head circumference – 48cm (18 1/2 inches)

Preschooler = head circumference – 50cm (19 1/2 inches)

Child =  head circumference – 53cm (21 inches)

Teen/small adult = head circumference – 56cm (22 inches)

Large Adult = head circumference – 59cm (23 1/2 inches)


Granny Square Crochet Square – Centre Flower Square

This spring I had the opportunity to be involved in a granny square Crochet swap. Each person made 37 x 6 inch squares. We could pick any colour or pattern as long as it represented spring for us. We then sent it into the coordinator who is in the process of sorting through the suqares and distributing them back to us.

Originally we had 36 people in the group so we would get 36 different squares back. The last squares was being used to make a blanket to donate to charity. I should be receiving the squares back this week. I am really excited about about seeing the variety of squares that people send back and how they interpret spring.

I think the hardest part of the project was deciding which square to do. I needed something that won't take too long to make but was bright and cheerful. I didn't want to do the traditional granny square as we had quite a few beinngers in the group and they were doing this. I also wanted to create a new design. So this is what I created. It was really easy to make and only took about 20minutes for each square.



small amount of 8ply yarn/wool in two different colours (overall it took about 80g of yellow and 250g of pink\ to make the 37 squares)

4.0mm crochet hook


This pattern is worked in one directions so do not turn.



with centre colour (yellow)

row 1: 12 sc into magic ring (alternatively chain 6 and sl st into first ch, 12 sc into ring), sl st into first sc

row 2: *ch 15, sl st into next sc*, repeat around for each sc, sl st into first sl st. Fasten off (make sure you don't twist the chain

row 3: using outer colour (pink), attach to centre of any 15 ch space using a sc, ch 4, sc into  next 15 ch space, ch 4, * 2DC into next 15ch sp, ch 4, 2DC into same 15ch sp, ch 4, sc into next 15 ch space, ch 4, sc into next 15ch space *, repeat * three (3) times, however on the last sc, sl st into first sc.

row 4: ch 1, sc into space, ch 2, 2 DC into same space, ch 4, * DC into next sp, ch 4, 3DC into next space, ch 4, 3DC into same space, ch 4, DC into next space, 3DC in next space, ch 4*, repeat * twice, DC into next sp, ch 4, 3DC into next space, ch 4, 3DC into same space, ch 4, DC into next space, ch 4, sl st into top ch

row 5: sl st into next DC, 5DC into space, sl st into DC, 5DC into space, sk DC, sl st into DC, sk DC, * 8DC into corner space, sk DC, sl st into DC, sk DC, 5DC into space, sl st into DC, 5DCinto space, sk DC, sl st into DC, sk DC, 5DC into space, sl st into DC, 5DC into space, sk DC, sl st into DC, sk DC * repeat *  twice (2) (edges), 8 DC into corner space, sk DC, sl st into DC, sk DC, 5Dc into space, sl st in DC, 5DC into space, sl st into first sl st. Fasten off.

The square becomes very bunched up when being crochet so give it a good stretch out in all directions (even a warm iron can help). Weave in the ends.



At first I know tha pattern seems really confusin, but after one or two squares you get the hang of it . I actually made all the centre pieces first then did the outer section. Saved me changing yarn every 10minutes.

When I ge the rest of the squares back I'll show you what I plan to do with the blanket.