All about the simple things in life

All about the simple things in life

Photo Card FAQ and Information



Personalised Photo Cards are a great way announce the arrival of your little one, invite someone to a special event or even inform everyone you are moving house. As these are very personalised products please make sure you read through this Information page prior to placing your order. Here you will find out all the information about the process of having you photocards ordered, about photo editing, copyright and custom orders. And of course if you don't find your answer here please make sure you contact me.


What am I purchasing?

When you purchase a birth announcement, invitation or announcement card it will be personalised with your details, special message and high resolution photo (optional).


What product options do I have?

For Australian Residents you have three (3) options of of how you would like to receive your personalised photo cards

♦ Professionally printed photo cards.

  • you will receive 15 photocards with the order, however you can purchase addtional by also adding the 'additional photo cards' to the cart and then modifying the quatity in the cart.
  • Please note that the .jpeg file remains the property of Dancing Daffodils

♦ CD-ROM containing a high resolution .jpeg image for you to print off at home or at any digital photo printing facility.

♦ Email file containing a high resolution .jpeg image for you to print off at home or at any digital photo printing facility.


For International residents:

♦ Email file containing a high resolution .jpeg image for you to print off at home or at any digital photo printing facility.

  • this is the only option due to postage charges and delays in shipping.


How do I provide the details and photo for the card?

When you are about to add the product to your cart there is a section for you include a message that contains the information you would like to include on the card. You will then need to send the high resolution image to .

Alternatively you can send all the information and high resolution photo in one email to .


Do I get to see a proof prior to the order being finalised?

Yes. Once payment has been cleared a proof will be emailed to you within 3 days to confirm details (the proof will contain the Dancing daffodils watermark). You will need to respond to this email to confirm information is correct. Once the confirmation email is received your order will be finalised.


Can I make alterations to the card?

Yes, you can. Please just add your requests to the email and I will attempt to alter the card where possible.


Do I need to edit the photo before I send it?

No, you don’t. Some Photoshop editing is provided as part of the costs. This includes cropping, red eye reduction, black and white or sepia. If you have any specific editing requests please just add the request in your email.


I have had professional photos taken. Can I use these on the card?

That depends if you have permission to do so. Usually professional photographs are bound by copyright to the photographer. You will need to contact the photograoher to check with them if they are willing for you to use the photo on the photocard. It is also your responsibility to do this. It is assumed that by emailing the photo to Dancing Daffodils to use on the photo card, you have already sort permission from the original owner. Dancing Daffodils accept not responsibility in any breach of copyright that results from the buyer not obtaining this permission prior to send the photo to Dancing Daffodils.


Confidentiality & Copyright Information

All personal information and photos used in the production of your photo cards will not be shared with any third party. The information will only be used in the creation of your photo card. The information and photo will be kept for a period of one month following the production of the card, purely for the purpose correcting a design if necessary and/or printing further copies due to a follow up sale. After this month period all information and photos will be deleted.

All designs remain the property of Dancing Daffodils. All photos remain the property of the original copyright owner.


Any further questions?

If you cannot find your answer here please contact me and I will answer your questions as soon as possible


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