All about the simple things in life

All about the simple things in life

Rapunzel Tangled Birthday Party part 1

This year little miss Rapunzel feel in love with the movie Tangled (hence her nickname). She loved the princess and her lovely long hair. Since this year was her turn for a birthday party we decided to have a Rapunzel/Tangled birthday theme. Leading up to her birthday we had a great time planning the games, food and gift bags, costumes, making the decorations, and of course watching Tangled.

After watching the movie (quite a few times… I think I can recite most of it now!) and browsing the internet we planned a great party. The kids had so much fun. 

The first thing we had to decide on was invitations. I love making peronsalised photocard invitations because (1) I get to be creative and can be customised to match perfectly with the party; and (2) it works out to be heaps cheaper than buying themed birthday invitations. Here is a sample of what we did (contact me if you would like some personalised for you)



Next were the decorations. We had three main decorations – the lanterns, purple flag buntings and Flynn Ryder wanted posters.


The lanterns we made out of white cardboard and printed the yellow sun on them. Little Miss Rapunzel then rolled and glued them to make a cylinder. I then punched holes in each side of the top and tied yellow yarn to make the handle which we could use to hang them up all around the house and yard. They are really easy to make and last very well. Little Miss Rapunzel still has them hanging up in her bedroom 6 months later.

You can find the print out I made here. lantern template


Next was the purple flag bunting. For this I cut out triangles with 6 inch (15 cm ) sides out of purple cardboard. I then punched two hole on one side and threaded them onto yellow yarn. We hung them above the windows and door frames, around the table and along the fences



The wanted posters were something I found on the internet. Unfortunately I cannot locate the exact site I found them on. But here they are.



Of course the birthday girl needs a costume. Originally I was going to make her a Rapunzel dress for her birthday but ran out of time. We fortunately found one at the deparment store. So all I added was the long hair. I made the hair peice by place two dining room chairs about 2.5m apart and then wrapped the yarn around the tops of the chairs (all 600m of it!!!!). I then fastened it with a peice of matching yarn to makesure it didn't separate. I made a loop in the middle that was large enough to fit snug around her head. I then plaited it (which took me about 1 hour!). It was the perfect length for her as it just reached the ground. Since then I have added some flowers to to it.


Check back over the next few days as I share about our games, gift bags and cake.


Some extra printable decorations I found:


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