All about the simple things in life

All about the simple things in life

Rapunzel Birthday Party – Part 3

Rapunzel Birthday Party – Part 3

The Cake


So here is the cake I made for Little Miss Rapunzel's birthday party.

Now my cake decorating skills are completely self taught through the use of the internet. I have never taken a course or studied cake decorating at all. But mind you that may change as I have had so much fun making birthday cakes for our girls over the last few years!

Anyway. Miss Rapunzel wanted a Tangled Tower cake for her birthday and I had no idea how I was going to do it. But with a bit of research, looking at some pictures and of course watching the movie I decided to give it a go. I did it over a few nights.

So look no further, here is how you do it so you can make one too!


1 x rectangle birthday cake – we used a soy and dairy free dense chocolate cake that was about 20cm x 30cm x 5cm (8” x 12” x 2”)

1 x 20cm tall cylinder (about 7cm diameter). Needs to be quite solid to hold icing – we used a travel tissue container

2 x A4 sheet of cardboard (not too thick because you need to roll it)

1 x batch of sugar cream icing (see recipe below)

3 x ready to roll fondant icing (about 1.5kg – you may more or less depending on how big the cake is)

1 x set of food dies (I just had the standard red, yellow, blue and green)

1 x packet of silver icing balls

1 x Rapunzel figurine set (purchased on eBay)

Sticky tape


Cake board

Piping bags and nozzles

  1. Creating the tower: (this is what we did. Adjust the measurements to suit you)


    1. Tower point: Using the A4 cardboard make a cone to sit on top of the cylinder to create the point in the tower. Do this by drawing a circle and making a cut in it on one side to the centre. Then roll the circle by sliding one straight edge under the other until it is the correct size to sit one top of the cylinder overhanging the edge slightly.
    2. Top Room: This part is a bit fiddly so you can eliminate it and just create the top room using the icing. I’ll do my best to explain how I did it.


      1. Cut a rectangle piece of cardboard 5-7cm longer than the circumference of the cylinder by 14cm.
      2. Draw a line 1.5cm up from the bottom of long edge.
      3. Draw another line 2.5cm above this.
      4. Fold the bottom of the rectangle along the bottom line. Turn the page over and fold it along the other line (giving you a zig zag or fan effect).
      5. Unfold and cut from the bottom of the page to the second line every 1.5 – 2cm creating flaps along the bottom
      6. Cut along the bottom line of the two outside flaps
      7.  Now for the tricky part. You need to wrap the rectangle around the cylinder with only the bottom parts of the flaps securing to the cylinder. The folds you made before will allow the top part of the flaps to sit out from the cylinder in an upwards direction and the larger part of the rectangle forming a slightly larger cylinder at the top. Use sticky tape to secure in place. Don’t stress if it looks really messy as the icing will cover it up.

This is how it should look.


  1. Colouring the icing:


    1. open two packets of the ready to roll fondant icing and break into a total of 10 smaller balls. Wrap each one in cling wrap and keep it wrapped when you are not using it otherwise it will dry out. Using the colour chart make each ball a different colour. I did:

                  – dark purple (roof)

                  – beige (top room of tower)

                  – dark brown (wood features on top room, bottom door, windows and some pebbles in the path)

                 – 3 x more lighter shades of brown (adjust the colours as you go until to get to what you like

                – dark green (for vines around tower)

               – 3 x small amount for flowers (pink, yellow and blue)

                   How much you use for each will vary depending on your design and size

  1. open the third packet of icing and create light green for covering the cake.


  1. Icing the tower:


    1. Top room: roll out the beige fondant into a rectangle large enough to go around the top room and down the sides. This doesn’t have to be perfect so that it gives the stone effect.
    2. Tower walls: I created the pebble effect by rolling small balls of brown fondant and pressing it flat on the side. Using a different colour each time and making sure that it is pushed up against the previous one. It doesn’t matter what shape the “pebble makes” just try and place a different shade next to it where possible. You will probably need a small amount of water on the cylinder to help secure it. When you reach the top smooth it into the beige.
    3. Wood features: roll out the dark brown fondant icing and cut out the different features for the tower (windows, doors, wood beams etc). Secure using a small amount of water         
    4. Vines and flowers: roll long “snakes” out of dark green to create vines and press into place. Roll tiny dark green leaves and press into place. Make tiny balls of pink, yellow and blue for the flowers. Press into place then add a small silver ball into the centre.
    5. Tower top: cover the cone in purple “tiles”. I did this by creating small squares and rectangles of similar size (approx 1.5 -2cm) and layering them in rings starting from the bottom. Making sure each row overlapped the row below slightly. You made a little bit of water to help secure, but I didn’t. Just make sure it only goes underneath the tiles otherwise you will end up with water marks. I used a light brown to the very top of the tower because I ran out of purple.
    6. Create extra “flowers” out of pink, blue and yellow with silver balls in the middle and set aside. These will go on the cake itself.
    7. When both a finished place the Tower cone on top of the tower and set aside overnight to set.


  1. Decorating the cake:


    1. Have to cake at room temperature
    2. Place cake in the middle of the cake board
    3. On a lightly floured board (corn starch or icing sugar – sparingly) roll out the light green fondant so it is larger enough to fit over the cake and down the sides.
    4. Roll the fondant onto the rolling pin and place it over the cake (see here for some great directions on how to cover a cake with fondant icing)
    5. Once the light green is smooth, get the tower and push into down into the cake where you want to position it. It may take a bit of fiddling to get it to sit in the right spot. Make sure you press down hard enough so it sits straight and stays put.
    6. Using a skewer or tooth pick, light mark out the path. Create the patht he same way as you created the pebbles on the tower wall.
    7. Make the buttercream icing and colour it dark green (similar colour to the vines).
    8. Position the figurines on the cake and secure with a dab of buttercream icing underneath.
    9. Place remaining buttercream icing in piping back, and using a star shape nozzle create “grass” by piping “dobs” of icing. I went around the bottom edge of the cake (to hide the bottom), around the bottom of the tower, along the side of the path, around some of the figurines and randomly on the cake.
    10. Add flowers randomly amongst the grass.

And that is it!!!! You have made a Tangled/Rapunzel birthday cake.



Helpful Hints:

  • Allow a few nights to make
  • Bake the cake a few days or even a week beforehand. Wrap it in cling wrap and freeze. This helps to make less crumbs.
  • Make sure you take the cake out of the freezer atleast 12hours beforehand to defrost otherwise it will cause watermarks on the icing.
  • Keep icing away from direct sunlight as it will fade (I learnt this the hard way!)

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