All about the simple things in life

All about the simple things in life

Rapunzel Birthday – Part 2

Games and Activities.

Last week I shared about Little MIss Rapunzel's 5th Birthday Party theme based on the movie Tangled. I showed you the invitations and decorations. The next step in planning was determining the activities and games. So how did we entertain 2-5 year olds for two hours?

After some free play time we started with "Hit Flynn with the frying pan".


Basically this is just a modified version of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey". I downloaded the Flynn Rider wanted poster and the frying pans below and printed them out. The poster was printed onto two A4 sheets to make it larger enough. I then cut out the frying pans and put each child's name on the back. Each child took turns to put the blind fold on (little Miss Minnie was cheating above!), was spun around three times and then they had to try and place the frying pan on Flynn's nose. The kids had a great time with it and my girls played with it for weeks to come.

Flynn Rider Wanted Poster

Frying Pans


Our next activtiy was to make Crowns – being a girls party they always love being creative. Mind you the boys really got into this one. We had crayons, pencils, and textas to colour them in and then had glitter pens and stick on gems for some bling!

Prince crown

Princess Crown


After something the eat the kids then went on a treasure hunt to find a present that Flynn had hidden in the garden for them. I just wrapped up little gifts for each of the kids (homemade hair clips for the girls and toy cars for the boys). The kids raced around the backyard trying to find the presents. That also gave us time to set up for the birthday cake.

After the cake Little Miss Rapunzel gave each of the kids a dancing wand that she help to make and then the kids went back outside to play. They spent ages dancing around the backyard with the wands. They boys even had a great time with them, but eventually turned them into fishing rods and all the kids got up onto the "castle" (play gym) and used them to go fishing in the moat…. very creative.


And that filled in our two hours…….

Gift Bags:

For gift bags Ayisha gave each child a little brown paper bag with a few more goodies in them. Origionally I wanted to make brown satchels like Flynn's but ran out of time.

Inside the bags we put:

– Bubbles

– A couple of balloons

– A Tangled colouring in book that we made up based on pictures we found on the internet – tangled colouring book downloadable


Enjoy planning your Tangled Birthday Party

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