All about the simple things in life

All about the simple things in life

Oh No! I forgot the yeast!

Kneading the dough

Today has certainly been one of those days. The brain was foggy and I did silly little things like forgetting to take the cling wrap off the lasagna when I put it in the oven to reheat. Thank goodness I got to it before it melted everywhere.

I had one of those days last year. I think I forgot atleast one step on every task I did that day. The biggest one was when I made the bread. Only problem the step I forgot was adding the yeast to the mix… a pretty major ingredient in bread. It was only after the breadmaker was finished and I went to put the dough into the bread pan and into the oven did I even realise.

My next dilema – is it too late to add the yeast? after a failed attempt of google with noone being able to answer my question I decided to just give it a go. What else did I have too loose? If it didn't work I still had time to put another loaf on ready to bake in the morning.

So what did I do?

1) tipped the bread mixture onto my dough mat

2) added 2 teaspoons of yeast to the mixture

3) kneaded for 15mins (yes 15mins – it took that long for the yeast to mix in!)

4) placed it in the already lightly oiled bread pan I had prepared much earlier!

5) placed the lid 3/4 on and let rise for 20 mins

    you could also cover in cling wrap – just make sure you take it iff before you put in the oven!

6) bake in the over for 30mins on 200 deg cel.


And guess what. It worked a treat! The bread came out perfectly!

Me on the other hand had two very sore arms after a good upper body workout that night.

So if you do ever forget the yeast. Don't panic, your bread is not ruined. Just be prepared for some upper body exercise!

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