All about the simple things in life

All about the simple things in life

Christmas Shortbreads

Almost 11 years ago I met my wonderful husband. So for Christmas that year I baked him shortbreads – one of his favourite biscuits and a must at Christmas time. At the time I was boarding with a wonderful family and they had a great recipe that made really smooth velvety shortbreads. Darling Husband just loved them and for the next few years he asked for me to make them again. Only problem we couldn't find the recipe. It got lost in amongst the 100  or more cookbooks this family had.

Over the years I have tried many different recipes but none of them compared to this one. They were all nice but none had the smooth velvety texture these shortbreads had.

But the other day I found a recipe that was very similar. With a little bit of adjusting I found the biscuit recipe I have been looking for all the years. This recipe will make about 35 biscuits


2 cups of plain flour

1/2 cup of rice flour

1/2 cup of icing sugar

250g of softened butter cut into cubes (must be room temperature)


1. preheat oven to 170 deg celcius (180deg C.  if not fan forced).

2. line 2 baking trays with baking paper and get all ingredients ready.


3. sift the flour, rice flour and sugar into a large mixing bowl


4. add the butter and then using your hands rub the butter into the dry ingredients until it forms a dough.

5. tip dough onto a lightly floured  surface (or silicon baking mat) and knead for about 2 mins until the dough comes together  and is smooth


6. lightly flour a rolling pin and roll dough out to about 5mm thick.


7. use your biscuit cutters to cut biscuits out and place on baking trays. Continue until all dough is used


8. lightly sprinkle castor sugar over all biscuits


9. place in the oven on the middle shelves and baking for 12mins or until goldern brown. (sometimes the bottom tray may need a little longer)

10. remove bisuits from oven and allow to cool on tray for 5mins before transfering to wire racks (very important otherwise biscuits may crumble)


11. Enjoy (or decorate and then enjoy)!!!


Helpful Hints:

1. These are soy free and egg free but not dairy free. I am yet to find a substitution to replace the butter that tastes any good.

2. make sure your butter is at room tempreture before starting.

3. these biscuits can burn very easily so keep a close eye on the. If the biscuits are not ready at twelve minutes put back infor 2 minutes and if needed 2 more minutes. 



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