Day 3 – Set Backs. Time to start small.

Today I have learnt the importance of being disciplined. Last night I got side tracked working on my 2013 diary. I just sat down other couch working on the laptop thinking  I would just working on it for an hour and then get sorted for today…. Well. Before I knew it 3 hours had past (because I just kept telling myself next set of adds and I'll finish up) and it was now 11:30pm! Way past time for bed considering the girls wake up at 6:30. I thought to myself, "ok we only have swimming tomorrow morning and the kitchen is tidy, the house is tidy I'll just get ready in the morning"

So much for being disciplined and being organized the night before!

Well this morning I realized that I had a bit more to do than just get us out the door for swimming….. Washing to hang out, a parcel to wrap and send off this morning, swimming bags to pack, morning tea to pack, dishwasher to unpack, beds to make, wheelchair to get out of the car, pram to get sorted … Hmmm maybe leaving everything 'till this morning was not such a good idea after all.

Maybe I had made the task too big. I have a habit of doing that. I am someone who plans big things and become quite impatient trying to everything now. maybe I need to slow down and start off with just one thing and not try to organise  my whole life in one hit.

Then reading over day three this is exactly what Clair had to say. If you make the task too big you easily become overwhelmed, struggle to continue and not follow through.

So I have broken my evening tasks down
1. Get bags ready
2. Get clothes ready
3. Check bread and milk (put bread on if needed)
4. Put washing on if needed (I love time delays settings on the washing machine)

Surely that won't be too difficult to do, especially since it is something I use to always do.

So have have you gone with becoming more disciplined? have you stuck with your one task and followed through? If so that is wonderful. Keep up the great work.

If you are more like me and already stumbled. Don't give up. Just start again right now. Go and do your task. If it is too big make it smaller. And take it one step and one day at a time. 

Day 1 towards a more disciplined life – Little ones are always watching

Well I did it… I made it through day 1. And wow what a difference it made… it is amazing how such a small thing could make such a difference.

What made such a difference you're asking? For those who missed yesterday's post, I have started on a 21 day challenged on making my life more disciplined. Our year so far has been crazy and overwhelming…. such a far cry from our plan of getting back to the simple things in life. Well parts of our life have taken that journey… they way we do some things and the way we look at life; we certainly appreicate the simple things in life a lot more. But somewhere along the way I lost my rountine, my organisational skills, my discipline. And as the year progressed even further and further the more I wanted it back but the more overwhelming it seemed.

As I reflected today I also thought about how disciplined I was as a mother when little Miss Rapunzel was a baby…. always organised the day before, packed away toys immediately before getting more out, housework done and sorted. Even last year things were not too bad. As a result the girls followed suit. They would keep their rooms tidy (well the best they could at that age), put toys away, and behaviour was great. One thing that has also happened this year was they have becomed less disciplined as I have becomed less disciplined. Their rooms were messy, they would pull all the toys out before packing others away, they developed some less than desireable attitudes….

Now it is not neuroscience. We all know kids learn from watching those around them. They always come up to the standard that is set before them…. well I certainly needed to pick up my game. We are responsible for teaching them how to live a disciplined life. And how can I expect them to do that if I don't…….. well that has been a big wake up call for me. I need to get on track and I need to do it now.

So today is a new day. God gave me the strength and energy to start again.

Now i didn't race in and try to do everything. I set my goal (just like Crystal suggested in her book) and I did it. I did the ironing (last nigth), I got organised the night before, I tidy things away before bed and I got up slightly earlier this morning so I could be ready before the girls got up. And wow what a difference it made…. The day was relaxing, the girls were calm and well behaved. And I got to make heaps of new things to sell in my shop….

I can't wait to read more tonight and plan what tomorrow might have install!!!! 

Now to go and get ready for tomorrow!


If you are interested in doing the 21 day Challenge, check our "21 days to a more disciplined life by Crystal Paine" You won't regret it! I have no affliation with book or author. I am purely inspired by her word and want to share them with you.


Changing my ways….

As those who have followed me from the start of my blog a few weeks ago you would know that I set up Dancing Daffodils as a way to share our journey to refocusing our life on the simple things in life. Over the last few years our life had just snowballed it a busy not stop rat race of running from one thing to another… something I am sure so many parents would totally understand from when they transitioned from a life as a couple to life as a family. Our focus was on doing life not living life and making the most of everything, including the little blessings God places along our path.

Looking back over this year I guess the reason I set up Dancing Daffodils was to keep me focused and accountable to others as we travelled this journey. Accountable to others so that I did continue along the road to the simple things in life and not once again let the busyness of life take over.

But to be honest the busyness of life has certainly captured us once again. You only have to sit in my lounge room at the moment and see the mess that lay before me; the clothes on the clothes airer waiting to be folded and put away; the basket of ironing underneath the ironing board pleading with me to straighten so we can once again enjoy wearing those clothes; the pile of almost finished projects sitting on the ironing waiting to be completed (and then maybe I could iron the clothes); the piling of dishes sitting on the bench waiting to be cleaned…… the list just goes on and on.

Last night I had to take little Miss Rapunzel up to the emergency department (she is home and ok – just experiencing side effects to a medication she is on). We were there for a few hours sitting around waiting for test results and medication to work. Whilst Miss Rapunzel sat back and watched the TV I just stopped and thought about the year we have had. The year where we were suppose to get back to the simple life…. the life of less stress…. better health….. feeling on top of things. Well it certainly has been any other than that this year.

From the outset challenges awaited us. This time last year we thought we had everything sorted out for the big move…. we had a house, therapy was sorted, specialists were sorted, work was sorted. Everything had fallen into place….. only for everything to fall apart when we moved (well not the house at least). 9 months on and only now are things sorted out. It has been mentally, emotionally and physically draining – and for those with Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (& Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) you would totally understand how extra exhausting it has been; how right now I just want to curl up in a little ball in the corner and hide away for the next few weeks to just get the energy back. But I can’t. Life will just keep on going.

I also wonder just what had happened since this time last year…. I was working 2 days and managed to keep on top of everything (most of the time), had a great routine with the girls and we did heaps of fun things. Yes, things were beginning to get very busy but on the whole I managed a lot better than this year….. Yet this year things should have been easier. I wasn’t working… so I should have been able to manage.

On going to bed late last night I did a quick check of my emails and something caught my attention…. a book “21 days to a more disciplined life” by  Crystal Paine. It had only just been released in the last few days….. could that be my issue? Could that be what has happened this year? With all the interruptions this year, with everything that has gone on and by not working have I become less disciplined? Have I become so overwhelmed by it all that I always think I will start tomorrow? But tomorrow never seems to come. The more I pondered about it, the more it rings true. My journey to the simple life has certainly derailed because I have failed to keep my discipline on track. I have let so many interruptions get in the way of what should have been our year of bringing back life’s simplicities…. I have made our life more complex.

No chart, no downloaded routine, no book about how to be better organised and use my time wisely is going to be able to change where our life is right now. There is only one way that I can do that and it starts with me. I need to change. I need to change where I focus my energy; I need to change how I do things, when I do things; I need to become more disciplined in my life so we can enjoy the simple way of life.

So today I start things new. I know with God’s help and guidance I will change my life so I can be a blessing to the life of those around me. Today I am starting my 21 day challenge to a more disciplined life…… how about you ???????

(you can download the book from here)

Choices – what will you decide today?


I know I have certainly heard it many times before – that life is full of choices and you choose how to live it. But sometimes you need that fresh revelation.

My daily devotion this morning spoke about love being an action and not an emotion, and that you have to choose to love, choose to love God, choose to love your spouse, choose to love your kids, choose to love your friends. And that got me thinking. Life is full of choices. Every day we have to make the decision as to how we want to live our life; what we are going to let change our life. It is the choices we make that determine who we are and who we will become.

From the moment I got up this morning I knew I was going to have to make a conscious effort to make the correct choices. We have had a lovely weekend with my parents visiting. We took the girls to the Australian Reptile Park yesterday, spending the day making great family memories. It was wonderful. But it certainly took it out of me and the girls. I was exhausted and very sore (arrrgghh that damn JHS!). And as most mothers know lack of sleep can make your tolerance levels very low. These are the days when I could easily just sit the girls in front of the T.V. and go back to bed leaving the house in a mess. It certainly sounded like the easiest option in the short term. But would that be the best choice to have a positive impact on my girls? Would that make me feel less stressed out during rush hour at dinner time when things were still untidy and cluttered as I attempted to get dinner? Would it give me the chance to relax later that night? After reading my devotional this morning I just couldn't. I had to choose.  

Now on a day like today I certainly need to take it slower otherwise I wouldn't make it through the week. But if I paced myself I could get the house tidy, have quality time with my girls, and relax on the couch with hubby tonight. And that is what I did. I was amazed how by a making a few postivie choices I got to spend some quaility time with the girls and even play the playstation with them (also a chance to sit dwon and chill for a bit LOL!), I got the house tidy and even got a chance to sit and crochet some new hair clips (check out the shop in the few days!) whilst watching the T.V with hubby. I might not have felt the best but we still had a great day.

And really that it what making life's choices is all about. Trying to think ahead and making the choice of what is going to positively impact your life and the life of those around you.

Sometimes life isn't always smooth sailing and thoses choices to you need to make are even more difficult. Those choices might be how you respond to a letter, some news or how you have been treated. Your emotions may tell you one thing, but you have the choice one how you will let it impact you, on how you will act. You have the choice to use all circumstances to make you a stronger and better person, and make the life of those around a positive place. It isn't always going to be easy but you always have a choice on how you will respond and noone can take that away from you.

For those with children, as rewarding and wonderful parenting is, it is hard work, tiring work and often chellenging. Sometimes you just feel like giving up. But is a choice. You choose how you want to parent your children. You choose what type of role model you want to be to your kids. You choose to show them love and affection. You choose to spend quaility time you them. Sometimes we let our emotions get in the way, raise our voice and get frustrated (yep certainly been there). But you do have a choice if you want to do that. It is a daily decision on how you want raise your family. A daily decision on how you want to treat kids.

For those that are impacted by a chronic medical condtion or disability how do you choose to live your life? Do you let the disease take over your life and spend your life worrying about the disease and let it overtake your thoughts and actions? Or do you embrace life and see that this is just a little challenge that may slow you down a bit but never stops you from accomplishing what you set to achieve. I am always amazed by how little miss Rapunzel embraces life. She never lets her sore tired body get her down or stop her from doing things. Her determination and persistance is always inspiring. 

Maybe your choice is to try something new; to share God's word with someone and invite them to church; make some new friends; make a healthier lifestyle by doing exercise and eating better; spend more quaility time with them family, spending more time with God and in his word. The list is endlist but one thing is for certain only you can make those choices. 

So take the time to stop and think about the life you want to live, the life you want for our family, who you want to become, who you want your children to become. Write down your vision so it is clear about the person you want to become, the life you want for your family, the impact you want to have on the world around you. And then make each take each step one choice at a time.


So remember…….