All about the simple things in life

All about the simple things in life

Spring is here!!!

I just love this time of year! The sun is finally shining after lots of rain through winter. The weather starts to warm up (not that we found it particularly cold here in Sydney this year). The days are bright and cheery. Everywhere you look there are beautiful flowers blooming, birds chirping, butterflies and insects dancing in the sun. There is something magical happening everywhere if you just take the time to look.

I am really enjoying spring this year. As I focus my attention back to the simple things in life I am just amazed by everything God has created in the wonderful world we live in. How blessed we are to be living in the beautiful country Australia. It is just so relaxing. I just love taking the girls out for a walk in the sunshine. It is amazing how many little creatures you can come across on a simple 1km walk to swimming lessons. We are loving being able to spend time outside.

Have you ever taken the time to watch a 2 year old explore the garden after winter? To them it is like everything is new. They don’t remember spring from the year before. So that little gecko scurrying under a rock, that flower bloom in the bush, the little red lady beetle sitting on the leaf is exciting. They can spend hours just watching in awe as the ants move through the garden carrying a leaf on their back; race around the garden following that tiny gecko as it runs for shelter under a rock; picking all the dandelions and blowing them in the wind.

And then to a 5 year there are millions of questions about how the flowers grow, why the gecko is trying to hide, how does the spider spin the web. Then they stand amazed as they contemplate these wonders.

So I encourage you all to take the time to step outside and enjoy all the God has to offer this spring. Take the time to explore the garden like a 2 year old and see everything like it is new again – or borrow a 2 year old and let them show you. It is amazing just how much my girls have shown already this spring. It is amazing how these simple things in the garden can give you a new appreciation for what God created.

And you will be surprised as to just how relaxing it is.

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