All about the simple things in life

All about the simple things in life

Day 1 towards a more disciplined life – Little ones are always watching

Well I did it… I made it through day 1. And wow what a difference it made… it is amazing how such a small thing could make such a difference.

What made such a difference you're asking? For those who missed yesterday's post, I have started on a 21 day challenged on making my life more disciplined. Our year so far has been crazy and overwhelming…. such a far cry from our plan of getting back to the simple things in life. Well parts of our life have taken that journey… they way we do some things and the way we look at life; we certainly appreicate the simple things in life a lot more. But somewhere along the way I lost my rountine, my organisational skills, my discipline. And as the year progressed even further and further the more I wanted it back but the more overwhelming it seemed.

As I reflected today I also thought about how disciplined I was as a mother when little Miss Rapunzel was a baby…. always organised the day before, packed away toys immediately before getting more out, housework done and sorted. Even last year things were not too bad. As a result the girls followed suit. They would keep their rooms tidy (well the best they could at that age), put toys away, and behaviour was great. One thing that has also happened this year was they have becomed less disciplined as I have becomed less disciplined. Their rooms were messy, they would pull all the toys out before packing others away, they developed some less than desireable attitudes….

Now it is not neuroscience. We all know kids learn from watching those around them. They always come up to the standard that is set before them…. well I certainly needed to pick up my game. We are responsible for teaching them how to live a disciplined life. And how can I expect them to do that if I don't…….. well that has been a big wake up call for me. I need to get on track and I need to do it now.

So today is a new day. God gave me the strength and energy to start again.

Now i didn't race in and try to do everything. I set my goal (just like Crystal suggested in her book) and I did it. I did the ironing (last nigth), I got organised the night before, I tidy things away before bed and I got up slightly earlier this morning so I could be ready before the girls got up. And wow what a difference it made…. The day was relaxing, the girls were calm and well behaved. And I got to make heaps of new things to sell in my shop….

I can't wait to read more tonight and plan what tomorrow might have install!!!! 

Now to go and get ready for tomorrow!


If you are interested in doing the 21 day Challenge, check our "21 days to a more disciplined life by Crystal Paine" You won't regret it! I have no affliation with book or author. I am purely inspired by her word and want to share them with you.


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