All about the simple things in life

All about the simple things in life


Welcome to Dancing Daffodils! The place where the simple things in life are cherished.

Here you will find a place to inspire you to cherish the simple things in life… faith, family, friends, good health. Life is so short and so busy for many us we often forget to take the time to stop and enjoy the precious little things that life has to offer…. that cute little picture drawn by your two year old; the excitement brought to your 5 year old when they receive a parcel in the post; how mesmerized your little one is (and you are) to see a butterfly break free from its cocoon; the relaxing sound of rain on the roof.

So take the time to sit down and relax as you browse through these pages and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

About me

Firstly, I had better introduce myself. I’m Rebecca, wife to the most wonderful husband, Brett and mother to the two most gorgeous little princesses, Sapphire  and Gemstone. I am also the daughter of the greatest king, God. is no job, no work outside the home that is more important or special to me than that!

My passions are serving God and my family. We love spending time together swimming, going on walks, going for a drive, going out for morning tea and of course our homemade pizza and movie nights! I also love reading, being creative and physical culture (dancing). Sewing and crochet are my two passions but really I love any new craft. I am willing to give anything a go!

Life at times can get crazy busy between family, homeschooling, studying and working as a Paediatric OT but it is also lots of fun. When life does get crazy

About this blog

Originally this blog started as a way to to share what God has placed on my heart about getting back to enjoying the simple things in life, the life He intended for us. It was my journey about finding out what they are for me and for my family. My journey to enjoy God’s simple pleasures.

But you know what? Life did get crazy busy and took a number of very unexpected turns. This blog laid dormant for quite sometime.

So now I am here to revive it and share it with my daughters. Together we are going to get back to focusing on the simple things in life.

So who knows what things you will find amongst these pages…..? special moments not to miss….. challenging thoughts…. helpful hints and resources to organise your (and mine!) home and life…. ideas for birthday parties and special events…. sewing, crochet and other craft patterns…. rainy day activities for kids….. recipes…. giveaways…. downloads and printables….. Sapphire and Gemstone will also share their homeschooling journey with you.

Just keep checking back to find where the journey has taken us.


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